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So much information is needed by our Seafarers in this maritime country. Lots of Local Agents and Ship Owners who work together to take advantage in the recruitment of new Crew. Also, not a few of our Seafarers’ friends complained of the difficulty of getting a new assignment, even though they were indeed “True Seafarers” who had high abilities. his blog is dedicated to sharing career information in the marine field and also other information relating to Navigation, Engineering and also the experiences shared by our friends of other seafarers.

          In addition to providing information about the marine world, this blog also tries to tell the other side of the life of friends of seamen, including family, daily activities on the ship and also other intermezo who provide input on how life is actually on board.

If there are any of the Seafarers who want to share with others through this forum, please send your information through:

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Our Mission

To offer ship crews in all positions from KOKI, WIPER, KLASI, CAPTAIN, KKM, CHIEF OFFICER / ENGINEER, OILER, AB, they are ready to work with a certificate of experience and are ready to follow company procedures and regulations.


Our Vision

In order to create a partnership that can benefit both parties between us, PT. KEMAL ANUGRAH SEJAHTERA which is engaged in the placement of marine, air and land labor services, also serves the delivery or delivery of ships for one way. 

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 We are located in  Jl. Drs.HB.Suparno GG Rahmat II RT. 028 Kel.Rawa makmur Kec palaran Samarinda (East Borneo)